Helpful Front-end Snips ✂️

Instagram account I setup to share front-end code snippets.

✂️ ES6 TIP: Total up the instances of items in an array

✂️ CSS TIP: Full width div inside fixed width container

✂️ CSS TIP: Mac Dark Mode media queries (currently in Safari Tech Preview)

✂️ ES6 TIP: Super easy and clean JS templates with template literals!

✂️ CSS TIP: Hide a HTML element when there is no content inside

✂️ ES6 TIP: Create utility functions by using static methods, used without instantiating their class

✂️ ES6 TIP: console.log passed value, when using implicit arrow function return

✂️ ES6 TIP: Often forgotten … Use ‘tagged template literals’ to run a template string through a function

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