Open Source

Open source is at the core of web development, it keeps the web spinning. So it’s great to give back when I can.

WPGraphQl Yoast SEO Plugin

This is an extension to the WPGraphQL plugin that returns Yoast SEO data.

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Gatsby SEO For WpGraphQL and Yoast

Takes data from WpGraphQL and WPGraphQl Yoast SEO and provides you with Meta Tags and JSON+LD Schema in Gatsby.

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WPGraphQL Send Email Plugin

One of the simple things about a traditional WordPress sites is sending emails, this plugin makes it easy to do this via a simple mutation when you are using WPGraphQL

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WPGraphQL Redirection Plugin

Add WPGraphQl support for redirects made using the popular Redirection Plugin.

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Gatsby plugin page data preview

A little helper plugin that visualises your Gatsby Page Data in a super handy pullout blade.

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Source UK Bank Holidays into Gatsby

Sources UK bank holidays from GOV.UK in Gatsby

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VS Code CSS Comments

Plugin for VS Code to give CSS Comments as snippets, for easy and consistent comments. Over 35k installs!

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VS Code Touchbar plugin

Plugin to add commands to the touch bar on the latest MacBook Pros.

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